Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheap Makeup Bags

Recently I found myself without enough makeup bags when I was in Nashville [business trip]..I know it sounds silly with the plural on 'bag', no?

However I like to be somewhat organized and have my brushes separate from my cosmetics. Plus I also like to have my lipglosses in a mini-bag and eyemakeup (eye lash curler etc) in small mesh bag. So..I decided to go cheap using a kids pencil bag for my brushes. Why not? I was already there buying some more school supplies and it was on sale at Target for $1.98.

I did find some cute ones at Forever 21 as well, I can't believe I never shopped in there before! I guess I thought there was an age requirement--involved ...having to be under 21 and checking ID when you purchase something LOL.

Have a GREAT day!

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