Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautiful Younger Looking Hands

Beautiful Hands…Our hands take a lot of abuse, whether it’s from sun damage or chemicals that are used for cleaning. One thing is for sure, your hands need some TLC and here are a couple of secrets to get your hands looking more youthful.

• Exfoliate with a simple brown sugar scrub (1 cup) made with equal parts of sunflower oil and then, before bed, mix avocado oil and primrose oil in equal parts, apply a few drops to hands, cover with gloves, and go to sleep.

 • After you wash your hands, make sure you apply a lotion that has a sunscreen in it. Keep lotion near every sink, that way you won’t forget to apply—remember the sun ages your skin and your hands are constantly exposed to the sun, walking or driving. *Remember...Don't forget to apply sunscreen even when its cool outside, the sun does not discriminate by climate*

Also...a manicure with a pop of color draws attention to your nails and AWAY from wrinkles and age spots. One of my favorite brand of nail polish is by Spa Rituals [] so many colors to choose from and you won't choke [by smell] when applying. Go for a pretty bright pink or a daring red.

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